The pacing and flow control of Apex Legends’ map design are well-designed

Apex stands on the shoulders of giants to create its own unique and outstanding battle royale experience: fast-paced and action-packed. The diverse heroes, unique firearms, and rich map elements make every game session filled with freshness. Apex always leaves players anticipating the next round, eager for new experiences. In my understanding, Apex’s level design philosophy is to drive combat by promoting player movement and cleverly control the pace through map design.

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Overwatch Echo Tutorial

Today I bring you a tutorial on Echo (more towards personal playstyle). With the introduction of the new hero, it has also changed the strategic dynamics of Overwatch. This has led to many support or tank players starting to enjoy playing DPS characters. The reason is simple; I can experience the joy of playing as a DPS while also using Echo’s ultimate ability to transform into any enemy hero I want. However, it must be said that Echo is challenging to master and difficult to handle. I have played Echo for over 100 hours, from the testing server to the present, and have achieved high ranks in competitive mode while also frequently dominating in quick play matches. So today, let me briefly introduce this groundbreaking hero – Echo.

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PUBG’s most comprehensive recoil control tutorial is right here

It is well known that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a strategic first-person shooter game. Unlike traditional FPS games, PUBG has a wider range of activities and more randomness, making it more realistic and strategic. However, as with any FPS game, it is closely related to firearms, gunplay, and recoil control. This game also requires recoil control, and many people have not fully mastered it. So today, I will systematically teach everyone how to better control recoil and gunplay.

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