2023 November world rankings: FaZe defends No. 1 spot

November is the first time that a new version of CS has completely replaced CSGO, and the game has also received a series of major updates. These updates have brought about game quality improvements and gameplay adjustments called for by the community, and have been well received by everyone from professional players to ordinary players. During this period, some events were also held in full swing, such as the CAC event held in Shanghai, China.

In the past November, there were a total of five noteworthy offline events: CAC, PARI Please, BLAST Premier Autumn Finals, ECL Jönköping Station and Elisa Espoo Masters. There are also some small regional offline competitions, including the A1 Adria League Season 12 Finals, Tipsport MCR 2023 Finals and the 2023 Swedish Cup.

In addition to offline competitions, there are also many online competitions. Including the CCT Series, ECL Atlanta and BB Dacha’s regional qualifiers, and of course a large number of other regional leagues and regional events.

For new readers, you need to understand the general rules of the HLTV world ranking: the HLTV ranking system is based on the team’s performance in the past year (points decay every month), performance in the past two months, and performance in the past three months.

To maintain points, the team needs to retain at least three core players. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, the weight of online competitions listed under the “Achievements” and “Recent Events” categories has increased.

The following is the TOP30 world ranking on December 5th. Compared with the weekly world ranking, this list explains in more detail the changes in points on a monthly basis.

FaZe remains firmly on top

With ropz’s outstanding performance, FaZe won the CAC championship and continued to maintain their No. 1 spot in the world. At that time, both ENCE and Ninjas in Pajamas teams were participating in the CAC with substitutes. But the most eye-catching match was the match between FaZe and MOUZ. They defeated MOUZ twice in the group stage and finals, winning their second offline championship trophy in the new game.

With the status of IEM Sydney, TP World Championship and CAC, FaZe participated in the BLAST Primer Autumn Finals. Karrigan extended his winning streak to 18 consecutive victories and advanced to the finals. But this time Vitality defeated them 2-0 to win the championship.

Not long after, Twistzz officially announced his departure from the team. FaZe’s winning streak was ended by Vitality, which was a relief, not a failure. Whether FaZe, now joined by frozen, can continue its previous form, this question will be answered in the BLAST Premier Global Finals.

Vitality joins hands with mezii to return to form

The loss of Magisk, zonic and the team psychologist has dealt a huge blow to Vitality, and IEM Sydney is an obvious example. They lost to FaZe and BB and were eliminated in last place. They did not participate in any events for the next month.

In the end, mezii and XTQZZZ joined the team. In the BLAST Premier autumn finals, the Bees went all the way and defeated Heroic, Complexity, Cloud9 and FaZe to win the cup.

This championship is also ZywOo’s journey of self-certification. His sluggish performance in the Sydney Grand Prix made the community begin to question his ability, but the MVP of the Autumn Finals is full of gold. In addition, the strong performance of Spinx and flameZ also made up for the embarrassing period after mezii joined the team. I believe that as mezii gradually adapts, Vitality’s combat effectiveness will also increase.

FURIA, 9 Pandas and Monte break the championship curse

After four years of waiting, FURIA finally won the multi-place championship at the Elisa Masters in Espoo. FURIA has been struggling since FalleN joined the team, and now arT takes over the command seems to be having an effect.

In addition, KSCERATO continued his strong performance. He performed well against Complexity and MOUZ in the group stage. They also showed no mercy against dark horses HAVU and Apeks in the knockout rounds. The outstanding performance of the two teams is reflected in their latest world rankings, with FURIA ranked ninth and Apeks ranked 11th.

Although Monte only moved up one spot in the rankings, the progress behind it is worth celebrating. The winner of the ECL Jönköping station was Monte’s first international offline championship. They defeated TYLOO, Nouns, Virtus.pro and Eternal Fire to win the championship.

But the most surprising thing is 9 Pandas. As the champion team of PARI Please, their world ranking rose by 23 places. This is seized’s first international offline championship since 2016 ESL One New York. They were the second-lowest ranked team in the event, but BB, MIBR, FURIA and EF all fell at their feet.

Improved by 120 places, HAVU rises dreamily

The most eye-catching one on the list is undoubtedly the HAVU team. They defeated ENCE and GamerLegion in the Elisa Espoo Masters and qualified as the top spot in Group A. However, they failed to continue their previous performance in the knockout round and lost to FURIA. Despite this, their performance was impressive, with their world ranking soaring 120 places to 20th.

Chinese teams Lynn Vision and TYLOO ranked 26th and 30th respectively.