Call of Duty: Warzone – 70 small tips to make you a pro !


Call of Duty: Warzone Game Tips: 70 Practical Tips to Help You Win the Game.

Real and practical tips to help you become a gaming master step by step.

If you want to improve your game level in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Battle Royale mode, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 70 practical tips about the game. Learn these tricks and you’ll be able to dominate Verdansk map and survive till the end!

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Early Game

The first key tip to get started in Call of Duty: Warzone is to learn how to parachute correctly. The distance to your destination determines your landing speed. Check out our advanced “Call of Duty: Warzone Landing Guide” to learn how to achieve a perfect landing.

If you choose to cut off your parachute at high altitude, you will have a few seconds to use a handgun for shooting. This means you can take advantage of this maneuver to harass or even kill opponents who are parachuting with you.

As long as you don’t cut off your parachute during the descent, it will automatically deploy shortly before landing. However, if you cut off the parachute during the descent, it will not deploy automatically, so you must remember to manually deploy the parachute to avoid dying upon landing.

In the first few minutes after landing, your three main objectives should be: obtaining some decent starting weapons, finding and using armor plates to maximize your health, and then accumulating $8,500 to purchase a supply drop at the buy station.

Call of Duty: Warzone - 70 small tips to make you a pro

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips and Tricks: Weapons and Supplies

Make the most of the waiting time in the pre-match lobby, as any kills you get will actually grant permanent XP for that weapon, unlocking new attachments and skins that you can use in future matches.

If your opponents’ skill level is lower, try to create weapon supply drops for them by using all the attachments you have, and then call in an airdrop for them. Check out our “Call of Duty: Warzone Weapons Guide” for more creative ideas!

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to swap the order of your two weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, if there are weapons on the nearby floor, you can swap between them until your current weapon is in the correct position.

The color of the weapon depends on the number of attachments it has installed. The gray MP7 and the gold MP7 have the same damage output, but the type and quantity of attachments determine the weapon’s stability and other factors.

In the vast Verdansk map, there are many tall buildings densely distributed, which makes sniper rifles dominant in this map. The AX-50 and HDR sniper rifles can deliver one-shot kills. Beware of white glare on the horizon, as it indicates that a sniper is aiming at you!

Thermal scopes are a must-have product currently, as they allow you to easily spot enemies even beyond their visible range. However, the Cold-Blooded perk can counter thermal scopes perfectly, rendering you undetectable by thermal imaging.

Most weapons have four different injury statistics based on the part that hit the body: head, chest (and shoulders), abdomen, and limbs. But there are only two damage statistics of Assault rifle: one is for the head, and the other is for other parts.

Call of Duty: Some of the top weapons in the theater (ranked in no particular order) include HDR, AX-50, Aug, MP5, MP7, M13, Oden, M4A1, Grau, and FAL. For more information on Call of Duty: The Best Weapons in Theater, please refer to our “Call of Duty: Theater Gun Guide”.

Call of Duty: Theater Tip: Combat.

Compared to other game modes in Call of Duty, the Time To Kill (TTK) in Warzone is relatively low. Even if you are fully armed, it is possible to be killed within half a second. Remember to always prioritize safety.

Because of the low TTK, winning a direct gunfight on the battlefield is very difficult if you are outnumbered. If two players are shooting at you simultaneously, you are almost certain to die. The only hope is to use geographical advantages and unexpected tactics to overcome stronger teams.

Pay attention to your mini-map and compass, as an unsuppressed gun being fired by nearby enemies will create a temporary red dot on the compass and mini-map. Utilize the marked points on the map to better locate enemy positions.

“Buddha Shooting” refers to immediately lying down when shooting at enemies. Not only does this reduce the range at which you can be attacked, but it also confuses your opponent’s perception of your position, causing them to lose the optimal timing for attacking. It is a very effective combat technique.

“Target walking speed” is a highly underestimated characteristic when it comes to designing weapons and vehicles. The ability to quickly spray fire while aiming at a target can create significant advantages in combat across all ranges. Most weapons should have at least one accessory to enhance this capability.

Take some time to study and understand which materials can be penetrated on the battlefield and which cannot. Thin cover (especially wooden ones) can be penetrated, but trees and thick walls cannot. Using FMJ weapons can maximize penetration damage.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, getting killed provides you with unparalleled extra opportunities: the Gulag showdown and the ability to redeploy your teammates. Therefore, the game encourages a more aggressive approach to seeking out enemies to initiate battles.

There is an audio cue when someone you recently downed gets revived by their teammate. The same sound is played when you revive someone or bring back a teammate. Pay close attention to this sound as it provides valuable information.

Taking down downed enemies quickly is crucial as they can easily buy self-revives from Buy Stations. However, it is worth it if you can achieve this without putting yourself in danger.

When shooting enemies, pay attention to the icon next to the hitmarkers as it informs you about the opponent’s armor condition and notifies you when your armor is broken. The audio cues of the hitmarkers also provide this information, so pay attention to them.

Have you noticed the yellow text that appears when you kill someone? Take note if “Team Wiped” appears, as it means that you have completely destroyed every member of that team.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Armor

You need to stow away your current weapon in order to use armor. This means that if you have a lighter weapon equipped, you can use armor more quickly, and additional skills can help minimize the time it takes to equip armor.

When equipping armor, there are various things you can do, such as sprinting, opening crates and doors, and more. Don’t stay idle when you have your armor on, keep moving forward.

Equipping armor will fill up your armor bar at the top of the screen. This means that even if you only have a small amount of damage, you still need a full armor plate to fill in that missing piece of armor.

Armor is applied to your entire body, providing protection against headshots and limb shots. It won’t reduce damage, but armor can give you a higher effective health pool. The only thing that can bypass armor and cause damage is explosive damage.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pro Tips: Extra Abilities

When waiting to enter the game, the time you spend on extra abilities should be the same as the time spent on weapons. The following abilities are widely considered the most useful and are also used the most in the warzone.

If an enemy outside of your field of view is watching you, “Heightened Alert” will give you a warning. This is very useful, especially in single-player mode. If you want more helpful tips in single-player mode, visit our “Call of Duty: Warzone Single-Player Mode Tips Guide”!

“Cold-Blooded” is the most useful ability in the warzone. It not only avoids detection by automatic lock-on systems but also doesn’t get highlighted by thermal imaging scopes. It is useful to stay off the radar in the warzone.

Similarly, the “Ghost” is the ultimate tool for those seeking to avoid radar. Drones and heartbeat sensors are widely used in the warzone, making the ability to remain hidden from these devices a significant advantage.

If you need to quickly acquire full gear, for example, if you have just respawned and need to assist your team in battle, then “Double Time” is very useful. For this reason, I always have a vehicle loaded with “Double Time”.

“Spotter” allows you to hack devices such as claymores and proximity mines through walls. So be sure to check their color before stepping on them, as they might have already been defused before you placed them.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Equipment and Killstreak Multipliers

Using Semtex explosives, Molotov cocktails, or thermite sticks directly on an enemy will guarantee a kill within a few seconds.

To detonate your C4 explosives without placing a second one, simply double-tap your use button. You can also do this immediately after throwing the C4, and it will explode upon contact with the ground or an enemy.

The heartbeat sensor is a powerful tool for detecting enemies on the battlefield, but currently has a bug where it may display inaccurate information if you have disabled the mini-map rotation.

If your team activates three UAVs at the same time, you will temporarily gain the effect of an Advanced UAV: every enemy on the map will be revealed, along with their rotation direction. Even stealthy enemies will be highlighted, though their rotation direction will remain hidden.

When entering the final few circles of the game, group attacks and precise airstrikes for kills will be restricted. Sometimes, these killing abilities can even eliminate enemies indoors through doors or windows.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Cash, Contracts, and Buy Stations

In team mode battles, it is a good idea to drop your cash from your inventory onto the ground. This way, you can give all of your funds to a single player who can then purchase items from the buy station.

Buy stations are vital and powerful tools in Warzone, so it has become common for players to camp near them and eliminate others when they are distracted. Always make sure to scout the area before using a buy station.

You can spend 4500 credits at the Buy Station to redeploy a fallen teammate. Doing so will trigger a flamethrower effect from the Buy Station, exposing your location to nearby enemies.

Aside from redeploying fallen teammates, the most useful items to purchase from the Buy Station so far have been the airdrop supply, UAV, and self-revive kit. Check out our Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Station guide for more tips!

If you complete a lot of reconnaissance missions within a short period of time, you can see the location of the safe zone in advance, even the final safe zone.

If you are the target of a bounty contract, surviving past the time limit will earn you cash. Conversely, if you receive a bounty contract but your target is killed before you arrive, you will still receive some cash reward – just not as much as if you had killed them personally.

The scavenger contract is an excellent way to quickly earn high-quality loot. Scavenger crates always contain gold-tier items, guaranteeing that you will find at least one valuable item in each crate.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Verdansk Map

Verdansk is one of the largest maps we see in the battle royale game. So if you find yourself on the opposite side of the safe zone, make sure to give yourself enough time to get to safety or utilize vehicles to get there. (Using vehicles is even more important!)

Verdansk serves as a prototype for several maps in Modern Warfare. If you have the full game, you can explore these areas by playing private game modes or engaging in small multiplayer matches on the related maps.

The loot, vehicles, and buy station locations are all randomized in each game. The contracts also appear randomly, but the difference with contracts is that new ones will appear with each circle closure during the entire gameplay.

The loot is randomly refreshed, but certain buildings and areas have a higher chance of spawning high-quality loot compared to others. Our “Call of Duty: Warzone Map Guide” features the locations with a high probability of spawning premium loot throughout the entire Verdansk region.

The shrinking circle known as the gas circle is not to be taken lightly. It is more punishing than most similar games, as it can inflict significant damage right from the start, while also damaging health and armor.

You can protect yourself from gas exposure for a short period of time with a gas mask, but be careful when wearing or removing it during combat as it may interrupt the fight.

If you have difficulty measuring distances on the Verdansk map, click on the map and use the marking feature in the game to see the exact distance from your location. This is useful for parachuting, tracking enemies, or running from the gas.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tip: Vehicles

Currently, there are five types of vehicles in the game (four ground vehicles and one helicopter), and their spawn points can be seen on the map at the start of the match. Enemy-controlled vehicles will be highlighted in red on the mini-map if they are nearby.

On the battlefield, vehicles are extremely powerful killing machines. If you are hit by an enemy vehicle, your health instantly drops to zero. So, it is crucial to be extremely careful when enemy vehicles are nearby, and the top priority is to find cover.

When driving a cargo truck or a four-person jeep, reversing can reduce the risk of being shot at. On the battlefield, you can reverse as quickly and easily as driving forward.

If you are a passenger in a vehicle and you’re being shot at by the enemy, it is often a good idea to switch positions inside the vehicle. Since the process of switching positions is instantaneous, it can be highly effective in avoiding gunfire.

Explosives are powerful tools to deal with vehicles. C4, thermite charges, missile launchers, and especially rare and unique grenade launchers, all have the capability to severely damage or even destroy the most robust vehicles within seconds.

Another very powerful tool against vehicles is the turret. Its bullets can cause significant damage to vehicles and anyone trying to kill you by jumping out of a vehicle. However, the turret cannot be run over by any vehicle, including a cargo truck.

Since the cargo truck only has a designated “seat,” the other teammates in the squad can only climb onto the back of the truck. This means only the driver can see the truck’s health status. Therefore, if there is a danger of the truck being destroyed, the driver must communicate clearly with the teammates.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tips: Gulag

When spectating in Gulag, you can throw stones at other spectators and the audience below. These stones only cause 1 point of damage, but they can still be used to distract combatants’ attention or even detonate claymores or nearby landmines.

If you and your teammate are assigned to the same Gulag, your teammate who is spectating should communicate the enemy’s position to you while you are in combat, and vice versa. Use simple markers like “left,” “right,” or “middle” to indicate the enemy’s location to your teammate. Note that too much information is unnecessary.

The key to success in the Gulag is utilizing your equipment effectively. Most fights in the Gulag provide stun grenades or flash grenades. If you hit an enemy with any throwable weapon, you’ve almost won the fight. For more information, please refer to our “Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag Guide.”

If both combatants in the Gulag are still alive when the timer runs out, there will be a sudden death phase where the player who captures the central flag becomes the winner. Additionally, touching the flag for the first time will restore you to full health, offering an extra incentive for capturing it.

While waiting in the Gulag, spray every enemy you encounter with bright colors. This way, when you engage them in combat, they will stand out more against the monotonous colors of the Gulag.

Call of Duty: Warzone Tip: Survival

Usually, when you fall from a high place, you can open your parachute to save yourself. However, sometimes if you fall off the edge of a building and you are too close to it, you won’t be able to deploy your parachute. So, be careful.

You can revive a teammate while crouching or prone. It’s necessary to do this when reviving a teammate because it minimizes the risk of being detected and attacked by enemies while you are fully focused.

Unlike many other battle royale games, in Call of Duty: Warzone, if you cancel the revival process while helping up a teammate, their revival progress bar will slowly decrease instead of being reset to zero instantly. This means that if you go down, you can use a self-revive kit to complete most of the progress bar yourself, and then your teammate can assist you with the remaining progress. This won’t deplete your self-revive kit, so there’s no reason not to do it!

In addition to sharing cash between teammates, you can also allocate ammunition and armor among yourselves, keeping everyone on the same level. Like cash, you can discard other items through the inventory.

In the settings of the warzone, you have the option to switch your mini-map from the default circular shape to a square shape. This is a great idea because it means the mini-map can display more of your surroundings, giving you a slight advantage over users of the circular mini-map.

When you are downed, you cannot fight, reload, or interact, but you can still crawl around. Additionally, you can mark the enemy’s location for your teammates who are still in the battle. To win the fight, it is crucial to maximize the information you can gather.

Alright! Hopefully, the above suggestions will help you achieve more victories in Call of Duty: Warzone. But that’s not all about Warzone! Take a look at the following guide for more information and advanced tips to accumulate experience in this brand new Battle Royale game.

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