CS new version 1116 update: sub-tick system continues to be optimized

Today the new version of CS has released the latest update. There are many updates. Let’s take a look.


The visual and audio feedback of the sub-tick system has been further optimized;

Reduce the size and frequency of the sniper’s arm animation when opening the camera;

Fixed a bug that caused the squat speed to slow down when switching to duck mode;

Fixed the issue where the server did not capture and record grenade throws;

When the grenade interacts with a teammate model, the thrown grenade will not explode prematurely;

Fixed the problem of players avoiding falling damage by dismantling C4;

Adjust the weapon drop trajectory to make throwing weapons more stable, especially when throwing weapons downwards;

When the official server detects a network outage, the affected competition will be cancelled;

Added a unique sound effect for running and jumping on metal railings.


Fixed the bug that interrupted the inspection of CZ75;

Fixed the animation effect of the Shadow Daggers, including the inspection animation;

Fixed the “broken wrist” animation bug of the survival dagger;

Adjust the animation effects of gun bolts and other animations in MAC-10 first-person view;

Fixed the animation/inspection action of AWP and SSG magnifying glass when firing;

Fixed the problem that the sand eagle kept spinning when the round started;

Revolver barrels now rotate incrementally for each shot;

Fixed some animation issues with weapon placement in the community map;

Fixed the issue where the C4 light does not flash when the player is holding C4;

Fixed the problem of abnormal display of player shadow.


Fix the BUG that bot_knives_only does not work on the offensive side;

Fixed some visual problems during demo playback;

Optimize screen particle effect performance;

Fixed the problem of being unable to “mute the entire enemy team” and “mute everyone except friends”;

Information about blocked players will not appear in Premier pre-game chat;

Players who are frozen due to game rules at half time are now immune to certain types of damage;

If too many prints overlap in one position, the print will automatically retract the bottom print;

Player visibility fog adjustment no longer applies to dead player models;

Smoke particles will not stick to dead player models;

Fixed the issue where the damage caused by your own Molotov cocktail was judged as enemy damage.


​Modified some common chat strings;

Added convar cl_deathnotices_show_numbers to allow spectators to quickly access the player’s observation index;

Added warning for users of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards with outdated drivers;

The “Body Armor and Helmets” entry in the purchase menu will now read “Helmets” when the context is correct;

Added weekly reset time for experience value reduction in player information;

Fixed an issue where the death feedback and death panel could not display correct information if the killer died early or was disconnected;

Fixed round delay statistics not being updated at the end of the game;

Changed deathmatch statistics from K/D/A/Score to K/HS%/DMG/Score

Fixed the issue where sending information was interrupted during the unpacking process;

Added direction indicator for square radar players;

Fixed the issue where the kill icon would not be displayed in the damage information panel after the round;

Fixed the incorrect string in the recommendation dialog panel;

Fixed a case where round statistics in the menu were assigned to the wrong side;

【Creative Workshop】

Fixed the custom sound files in the creative workshop;

Add some material settings for water refraction/scattering;

Workshop maps can now be marked as supporting Wingman mode;

Linux clients can now run workshop maps without requiring -insecure;

Added trigger_hostage_reset trigger and logic_eventlistener entities;

Added sv_walkale_normal and sv_standable_normal, allowing community servers to adjust player movement on tilted surfaces;

Fixed the problem that the HP value was truncated when it exceeded 3 digits;


· Overpass

Fixed the issue where the horizontal grid occasionally disappeared;

Various visual updates and repairs to models and materials;

Fixed the problem of players being pushed away from walls or corners inexplicably;

Turn off some lighting fixture collisions that inexplicably push players away from the wall;

Added a new metal plate to the bottom of the SWAT truck at point A to hide the legs of the CT behind the truck, and adjusted the collision problem near the car;

Fixed some minor loopholes in the environment;

Fixed some texture map seams;

Adjusted some floor grilles to make players move more smoothly;

Fixed some issues with fire extinguisher collision and surface properties;

Added and adjusted some grenade collisions;

Adjusted some textures of boxes and cable stacks in connectors;

· Ancient

More players and grenade collision adjustments;

Close many deep holes and cracks in the map.

· Mirage

Fixed the texture around the scaffolding in bomb area B to prevent one-way viewing;

· Office

Fixed the problem of players getting stuck on the large wooden box in the garage;

Grenade polishing;

The vending machine destruction sequence only happens once to avoid flashing lights;

Delete the collision problem between the garage pipe and the camera at the CT spawn point;

Add a grenade rebound point on the stairwell door;

Repair the hole in the door frame of T’s birth point;

Fixed some lighting errors at low settings;

Fixed the issue of weapons getting stuck in crates when retreating;

Fixed front yard lighting artifact problem;

Fixed the problem of double racks passing through the electrical box in the garage


Fixed the Z-shaped conflict connecting the stairs;

Optimize the ground at point A to make footsteps more accurate;

Fixed the gap problem in the placement area of point B and C4;

Fixed the Z character conflict problem in the background temple near the T birth area;

Fixed the problem of grenades falling out of the map at the connection point;

Fixed a hole in the street that allowed players to see the canal;

Fixed the visual problem of looking back at the T area from the street;

Fixed the UV stretching problem of the connection;

Add sealing to the roof of the floor to prevent grenades from getting stuck in the gaps;

Repair the lower opening;

Repair canal openings;

· Inferno

Move the bucket on the scaffolding at point B to prevent it from being mistaken for a player;

Close the beginning to prevent grenades from falling outside the map from point A area;

Optimization of many players’ walking lag;

Repair many small gaps.

· Nuke

Optimization of small lags on the roof and yellow room

The corrosion effect of the swimming pool in area B is better;

Fixed the visual problem facing the bottom of the third floor in the warehouse

· Vertigo

Fixed some back lighting problems;

Fixed some lamp misalignment issues;

Fixed the missing vents in the passage;

Try to fix the problem of players getting stuck on wooden planks in the stairwell at point B;

Fixed the clip on the elevator door;

Fixed the problem of inconsistency between the flash rod and the metal grille on the scaffolding;

Fixed the missing collision problem on the horizontal tower beam at point B;

Added prop processing around bomb area B to prevent smoke from spreading into undesirable areas

Cleaned up the geographical information and added prop processing around the scaffolding to make the grenades more effective;

A new grenade bullet point is added on platform B;

Fixed the problem of the middle beam being disconnected;

Move the drywall stack toward the back door of Area B for better movement/coverage;

Improved side texture;

The work injury signs on the construction site are more conspicuous;