CSGO Gunplay: Stopping, Positioning, and Spraying


Gunplay is crucial in CSGO, having impeccable gunplay can solve any problem. However, no one can gunplay that can solve all problems for a long time.
Practicing gunplay is similar to learning,Emergency everyone will stop have is their own suitable methods. considered a major feature in If C youSG haveO any and is also the most basic operation in doubts the game. Due to the “realistic physics engine about your” gun inplay CSGO, shooting while moving practice, is you inaccurate can refer to this article.
In, CSGO, the most important and aspects of gunplay are quick stops standing, positioning, and spraying, still is required but for it the is highest not level of limited precision. to The purpose of the emergency these. I believe that stop proper positioning is, to excellent help movement you, stop and as predictive quickly aiming as are possible also components.
Generally of gun speakingplay, there. As long as are three you can types of emergency stops secure kills,: that is considered good gun left-right (forward-backwardplay).
emergencyQuick stops, crouch emergency stops stops,, positioning, and spraying are and the wall fundamental techniques collision emergency stops in C. InSG factO, the gun fastestplay operation should, but be it the wall collision emergency stop, goes beyond that. but In my opinion there, may proper positioning not, always excellent be movement a, wall for and predictive you aiming to collide are also with. The next essential components of fastest gunplay. As long as you can secure kills, your gunplay is considered effective.
is the left-right (forward-backward) emergency stop, while the crouch emergency stop is the slowest. However, the crouch emergency stop can sometimes effectively avoid the opponent’s pre-aim.
Emergency stopping operation is very simple, the difficult part lies in the timing of it. You need to shoot in the moment of stopping, shooting too early may result in ballistic deformation, while shooting too late may lead to being killed. It takes a long time of practice to master the rhythm of emergency stopping and shooting. Many people have spent hundreds of hours playing, yet their foundation in emergency stopping is still inadequate.
Emergency stopping can also help reset recoil and adjust shooting rhythm.
Furthermore, there is a bit of technique involved in choosing the keyboard. It is best to avoid keyboards with switches like blue, brown, or white, which have a tactile feeling or long key travel, as they may disrupt your rhythm in emergency stopping and shooting. Black, red, or even silver switches would be more suitable for this game.
Practice of emergency stopping.

  1. It is recommended that beginners prioritize using the dynamic crosshair.
    The dynamic crosshair changes (expands) as the character moves, making it inaccurate to shoot when the crosshair is expanding. When engaging in gunfights with other players, this can indicate the completion level of a sudden stop action.
  2. Find a shooting range map.
    Once inside, enter the following commands in the console:
    sv_cheats 1
    sv_showimpacts 1
    Then, find a wall and repeatedly perform rapid left-right movements with sudden stops while shooting.
    You will notice that when the red and blue dots overlap, it indicates a proper sudden stop shooting, otherwise it is not accurate.
    Practice repeatedly until the error rate is very low, then move on to shooting bots to practice the rhythm of sudden stop shooting.
    To test yourself, you can try shooting 100 bots on all four walls and see what your KPM (kills per minute) is. Start by shooting the red box on the left and turn it green, then shoot the triangle arrow on the right.
    For beginners, achieving a KPM of 40-50 is considered good.
    When practicing quick stops, it is recommended to use the WASD keys to control the movement of your crosshair.
    Aiming, in simple terms, refers to quickly moving the crosshair onto an opponent’s body (or head). Speed and accuracy are the two variables that reflect one’s aiming ability.
    Practicing aiming
    The most well-known practice for aiming is probably shooting 100 bots on a single wall in the Aim Botz – Training workshop map.
    Practicing against 100 bots on one side can greatly enhance your ability to control recoil and accurately aim for headshots.
    Shooting while crouching actually yields better results.
    Generally speaking, a kill-per-minute (KPM) of 80 to 110 is sufficient, although aiming for higher scores is always preferable (I usually achieve around 100 with the AK).
    Compared to the Aim Botz map, I highly recommend using the Yprac Aim Arena map for positional training. A red circle will randomly appear in the center, and you must shoot it with your left click.
    After completing the exercise, data will be displayed in the bottom left corner.
    The panel on the left allows you to adjust various parameters for the training session (from left to right): number of consecutive targets, number of hits required, whether or not to include moving targets, target quantity, target size, duration of target appearance, and delay before the next target appears.
    The middle panel can control the size and position of the target area.
    Spray Control
    During rapid fire, firearms can experience upward trajectory and lateral deviation due to recoil. In the spirit of competition, CSGO introduces random bullet trajectories and spread within certain ranges for each firearm. By practicing, one can effectively control the point of impact within a relatively small range, thus achieving a higher efficiency in killing opponents during gunfights.
    Spray Control Practice
    Many experienced CSGO players often recommend the Recoil Master – Spray Training workshop map to newcomers. It is not difficult to use this map, simply stand in the middle and start spraying.
    The purpose of this graph is to quickly familiarize yourself with the ballistics of each gun, but I don’t recommend spending a lot of time on this graph. In competitive matches, efficiency is key when it comes to kills. The scenario where players encounter each other and exchange 30 shots is usually only seen in lower ranks. As the ranks increase and players have better aim and awareness of replenishing their ammunition, kill efficiency becomes crucial. High kill efficiency is the foundation for multi-kills, while low kill efficiency makes it easy for another enemy to recover or counter-kill.
    Practice for Kill Efficiency
    Use the Yprac Aim Arena map, but the settings may need to be adjusted slightly.
    The AK generally requires 4 shots for a kill, with some margin for error. Set it so that each red dot needs to be hit 5 times to count as a successful kill (likewise, the M4 requires 5 shots, so it can be set to 6). Lower the target setting a bit, as doing 50 at once can be tiring.
    The duration and delay settings should be longer initially, but can be gradually shortened as proficiency improves.
    Once the settings are configured, you can begin. Each red dot should be hit 5 times to be considered successful. This exercise not only enhances recoil control, but also greatly benefits shooting rhythm. When engaging in a shootout with an opponent, it is a good choice to pause after the first few bullets if there are no kills or if the bullet trajectory is noticeably off, and make a sudden adjustment to regain control over the shooting rhythm.

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