EDG advances to the relegation match! OMG started high but gradually fell behind, finding it difficult to overcome their inner demons, while Uzi seemed to have regressed to his 18-year-old self.

Congratulations to EDG for defeating OMG and advancing to the playoffs. This season’s EDG has had a rough road, with the AD scandal forcing a substitution of Uzi, and a period of adjustment that saw the team fall out of the playoffs. However, as the games progressed, the EDG players became increasingly coordinated, and ultimately won a playoff spot today with a 3-2 victory over OMG.


In this BO5, all ten players of both teams were at their best. The last four games were closely contested, with several intense teamfights and thrilling moments from all players. The two C roles were particularly fearless and aggressive, contributing several outstanding plays throughout the series, including Uzi’s quad kill and Xiaoyu’s flashy play.

Uzi quad kill

After OMG’s comeback victory in Game 3 with a 7K economy disadvantage, they had two game points, but failed to capitalize on them. In Game 4, OMG’s Aki’s dragon steal and perfect teamfight managed to turn the game around, but in the final moments, Xiaoyu’s recklessness cost them the game.

Compared to OMG, EDG had better early game rotations and discipline among their players, often securing early advantages through controlling resources. Compared to their first round performance, EDG’s state was night and day, with jiejie returning to form and Ale no longer playing recklessly. EDG in this state is a formidable opponent for TES.

EDG jiejie

With jiejie’s return to form, EDG is a strong opponent for TES. Based on their performance today, no other team can claim a sure victory over EDG, except for the top two teams. If there is any area for improvement, it would be for Uzi to improve his positioning and reduce his deaths.

At the same time, OMG has ended their season with great effort, but ultimately fell short. The five youngster played very well, but in competitive gaming, there can only be one winner. They should not be discouraged and find their weaknesses, strengthen their team, and come back even stronger next season.

Dark Power

This season’s OMG was unable to qualify for the playoffs due to their fourth place finish in the spring split and their failure to advance to the top six in the summer split, leaving them with insufficient points for the wildcard playoffs. This is not due to any external factors; they had opportunities in both splits to secure higher finishes, but fell short. If they can identify their flaws and improve their performance for next season, they can come back stronger than ever.

EDG Spring Split Roster

In the spring split, OMG was also unable to defeat EDG, seeming to only beat them once in the S7 split. From S4 to S13, EDG has always been OMG’s kryptonite, never losing a BO5 matchup. OMG has always been a team that relies on their mechanical skillset to win games, while EDG prefers a more methodical approach. Today’s EDG performance was excellent in both teamfights and individual skill, matching OMG blow for blow.

Hopefully, OMG can identify their weaknesses and work to improve for next season. Similarly, EDG can continue their hot streak and take down even stronger opponents.