EDG formally sues Scout, did he want to leave since last year?


The most surprising transfer this year would undoubtedly be Scout leaving EDG for LNG. As a veteran player who had diligently served EDG for many years, he ultimately parted ways due to contract reasons. The relationship between the two sides had already deteriorated during the negotiation phase, leading EDG to file a complaint with the league earlier this year. Yesterday, even more explosive news broke out as EDG decided to take Scout to court directly!

According to information from a related app, Shanghai Yangchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of EDG, issued a new court notice, confirming Scout as the defendant in the case. The timing of the court hearing is also quite ambiguous, coinciding with the start of the playoffs on July 20th. It is worth noting that EDG did not specifically choose this timing themselves but had been in the queue since May, conveniently aligning with the court hearing in July.

After the incident was exposed, it sparked intense discussions on various LOL-related forums. Scout’s fans even made their way to the trending topics with negative remarks. Many people are concerned about whether the legal dispute between the two parties will affect Scout’s participation in the playoffs. Based on the current information, this is not an issue. Firstly, Scout himself does not need to appear in court. Secondly, the dispute is of an economic nature, so if Scout loses the case, it would only result in financial compensation.

Subsequently, staff from Scout’s management company responded through a live broadcast. The agency firmly stated that the transfer process followed normal procedures and was a “legal” transfer recognized by Riot Games. It also revealed that EDG had been holding onto Scout’s work visa even after his departure, and it was the agency’s arbitration application that resolved the issue. Finally, the staff emphasized that everyone should just wait for the court’s verdict and not dwell too much on the matter since the transfer has been approved by Riot Games. Submitting evidence and waiting for the outcome is sufficient.

In fact, it is difficult to judge right or wrong when reviewing the grievances between the two sides. It is said that Scout had plans to return to Korea as early as 2021, not just this year. If this is true, then the tug-of-war over Scout leaving EDG has been going on for three years, and it also involves various personal emotions beyond the economic contract. Therefore, it is difficult to determine right or wrong based on the existing information.

For example, the biggest controversy lies in the interpretation of the contract. The anchor closely related to EDG claims that it was a comprehensive economic contract with Scout, while Scout’s side believes it was only a priority renewal agreement.

However, due to Scout’s unsuccessful attempt to return to LCK before joining LNG, if it is a comprehensive economic contract, there may be suspicion of breach of contract, as Scout’s desire to return to Korea is motivated by emotional factors and homesickness. However, if it is only a priority renewal, then there is a possibility that EDG did not offer the most favorable conditions for Scout’s salary during the transfer period in order to focus on signing Viper. In addition, the involvement of the EDG owner’s efforts in building a relationship, as well as the bond between Scout and the EDG team members, adds to the complexity of the truth.

What is your perspective on the dispute between Scout and EDG? Who do you think is right or wrong in this matter? Feel free to share your views and let’s discuss!