EG will replace Wildcard in the ECL Atlanta North American closed qualifiers

ESL, the organizer of the tournament, announced today that due to the roster changes of the Wildcard team led by stanislaw, ESL world ranking points were lost and their participating seats will be transferred to the Evil Geniuses team.

ESL announced the change on its official Twitter: “Unfortunately, ESL points were lost due to changes in Wildcard’s roster, and we have decided to replace them. Their replacement will be EG, who have received and accepted ECL Atlanta Invitation to North America Closed Qualifiers.”

But according to a report by independent reporter Richard Lewis, EG may decentralize the CS lineup and withdraw. Not long ago, EG decentralized their DOTA2 lineup. EG’s actions may be related to the club’s own environment. On the one hand, the club’s current financial situation is tight, and on the other hand, EG’s relationship with its major sponsors is unstable. EG may eventually fall apart.