How to play the game “Call of Duty“? What are some strategies and guides for it?


The following guide is only for multiplayer mode. Each generation of the campaign has its own differences. Except for a few titles that have certain branches, most of the games maintain a linear progression, so it’s recommended to play continuously according to the game’s path. If you find the difficulty too high and unable to proceed, it is suggested to lower the difficulty level.

1. Familiarize yourself with the maps. Each generation of maps has different styles. For example, last year’s BO4 mostly featured three-lane maps for team-based gameplay. By playing four or five matches on each map, you would easily become familiar with them. However, this year’s MW is typical of IW’s intricate map design, which takes more time to learn. It may take dozens of matches before you can grasp the common areas and points of interest on the map. Regardless of whether the map is complex or simple, it is essential to have a proficient understanding of it, knowing the common spawn points and where other players are likely to camp and ambush you. This will gradually improve your ability to respond, but it requires repeated gameplay to master. Otherwise, you will be aimlessly wandering around like a headless fly, resulting in a poor gaming experience.

2. Make good use of the radar. The radar scan, which is the small map in the top left corner, displays the positions of both the enemy and your own team. This is very helpful for determining enemy movements and planning your next move. Develop a habit of frequently checking the mini-map and incorporate it into your gameplay, making it a natural and instinctive action. Of course, in order to fully utilize the mini-map, it is essential to be familiar with every map. This is why I emphasized the importance of map familiarity as the first point. The IW team’s Ant Hill map often features multi-level structures, so you need to combine the map layout and radar scan to determine which level the enemy is on in order to adjust your strategy.

3. Pre-aiming is crucial and must be ingrained as a habit. The game mechanics of Call of Duty heavily favor the player who shoots first, as being hit causes severe recoil and makes it difficult to retaliate. The timing of pre-aiming depends on a combination of map familiarity and radar scanning. It is important to pay extra attention to areas where enemies frequently camp or where radar scanning shows enemy activity. This is crucial because some inexperienced players tend to hold down the shift key without pre-aiming, only raising their gun to aim when they come face to face with an enemy. By that time, it’s already too late, unless the enemy has extreme accuracy. Call of Duty does not have servers in China, so Chinese players are already at a disadvantage in terms of latency. Not pre-aiming puts them even further behind in terms of reaction time.

4. Flexible loadouts. Customize weapons, equipment, skills, and throwables according to your needs. For example, if the enemies are strong and there are unmanned reconnaissance drones everywhere, consider equipping a secondary weapon with a launcher and a skill that grants quick reflexes in order to counter the enemy’s aerial and ground dominance for multi-kills. If you don’t want to be detected by enemy radar, you can choose an anti-detection skill. Unlike previous installments where the pick10 system was used, Modern Warfare offers unprecedented customization options for weapon attachments, allowing you to tailor your loadout based on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to utilize throwables, as flashbangs and stun grenades often yield unexpected rewards when clearing paths. If you decide to defend a position, it is recommended to bring a shotgun or claymore with you. In short, prioritize meeting your needs and keep in mind that you can edit your loadout during the game, which is a very user-friendly feature in this installment.

5. Psychological Development. Call of Duty is ultimately just a game for entertainment, so don’t take it too seriously. As long as it brings you happiness, the purpose of the game is fulfilled, and other achievements really don’t matter. You are the one playing the game, not the game playing you. During the game, you may encounter technical barriers that are difficult to overcome in the short term, or you might lose several matches in a row, or face disrespectful remarks and mockery from others, or have teammates who consistently underperform and get killed immediately after being revived, or other unpleasant situations. In situations like these, it might be helpful to exit the game and listen to music instead. Remember, Call of Duty is just an electronic game, a tool that serves you, so don’t let it ruin your good mood.

Additional point 1: When it comes to psychological development, it is inevitable to experience failures during the game. In this case, it is important to adjust your mindset and completely let go of the focus on winning or losing. Regardless of the game mode or whether your teammates are performing poorly, it is crucial to prioritize enjoying the game. Do not let external factors affect your mood, especially when seeking revenge after being killed by enemies. Chances are, you might end up getting killed again and it will negatively impact your mindset. The correct approach is summarized in eight words: “You do your thing, I’ll do mine.” If someone prefers to camp, let them do so. We don’t have to go after kills and we can explore other areas of the map, avoiding this tricky situation.

Additional 2: Regarding the first point about familiarizing yourself with the map, there is actually another method, which is to watch death replays more often. Many players quickly press F to skip the death replay as soon as they are eliminated, but this is not advisable. Sometimes, opponents may be positioned in a particularly tricky location, and if you don’t watch the replay to confirm their whereabouts, you may fall into the same trap again upon respawn. Of course, if you have failed in a face-to-face confrontation, there is no need to watch the death replay. Just pay attention to your positioning and recoil control for the next time. For those instances where you are inexplicably eliminated while traversing the map, it is recommended not to skip the replay and carefully analyze where the enemy shot you from. This is also helpful for familiarizing yourself with the map, allowing players to master even the most complex maps.

If you want to have fun playing games, just go with the flow; but if you want to play well, you must use your brain while gaming.

Always pay attention to the enemy’s movements, enhance teamwork with your teammates, and hone your shooting skills. Playing like this can be tiring, but it is the only way to improve your skills and avoid being a noob.

Additionally, entertainment and using your brain are not mutually exclusive. The key is to learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. Many beginners get beaten up, yet they continue to hold down the shift key, never pre-aim, ignore the mini-map, and fail to adjust their loadout according to the battlefield situation. It’s important to pay a little attention, and the gaming experience will be much better. Most importantly, don’t let it get to your head. Don’t charge recklessly when you’re at a disadvantage, constantly giving the enemy multi-kill bonuses and making the disadvantage even greater. I’m not suggesting that you stay at the spawn point when you’re at a disadvantage, but you can adjust your strategy and not play too aggressively. If we can’t beat the enemy, at least we can stop giving them free kills. When the enemy unleashes a helicopter or a gunship, we can hide in a building or take out a launcher and fight back. If you really can’t beat them, at least you can score by using their own UAV. This is all about finding balance, paying attention to improving your gameplay, and not repeating the same mistakes.

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