Is Octane, the new hero in Apex Legends, the most agile champion?


Recently, Apex Legends welcomed a new season, bringing various updates including Battle Pass and skins. However, what excites players the most is the introduction of the first new hero called Octane. Let’s analyze each of his abilities.

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

When not taking damage, Octane passively regenerates health (1 health point every 2 seconds).

This passive ability is very useful as players can prioritize using shield batteries when they need to heal. They can rely on the passive regeneration to save syringes for later use.

Furthermore, this passive ability pairs well with Octane’s active ability called “Q” as explained in detail below.

Active Skill Q: Stimulant

Consumes 10 health points (10% of maximum health) to increase movement speed by 30% and reduce the impact of slowing effects for 6 seconds. Cooldown time is 2 seconds.

The 30% increase in movement speed is equivalent to Bangalore’s passive speed bonus in the current version. With a significant speed boost of 130% and a short cooldown of only 2 seconds, you can gain a great advantage in terms of speed while running or chasing enemies. As this is an active skill, players can have more control over the timing of its activation compared to Bangalore’s passive, making Octane more agile than Bangalore.

The passive health regeneration effect will immediately trigger after the Q skill goes on cooldown, significantly reducing the frequency of using the Q skill.

In addition, due to its Q skill’s ability to reduce the impact of slowing effects, it can quickly escape from control effects such as corrosive gas deceleration. It is currently the only skill that can counter slowing effects, making it very practical.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Deploys a jumping platform that can be used by everyone, with a 90-second cooldown.

The launch pad allows you to quickly move, seize high ground, or surprise enemies in unexpected ways. Its very short cooldown makes this skill flexible and practical. You can easily throw one whenever needed, making it convenient for yourself and others.


With the short cooldown of its Q skill and ultimate ability, Octane has the fastest running speed and the most flexible long-distance movement method in Apex Legends. It appears that Octane can secure the position of the “most agile legend” in Apex Legends.

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