Kashen talks about rejecting Liquid: It’s best to stay in FURIA now

Before the FURIA team participated in the PARI Please event in Belgrade, team member KSCERATO accepted an interview with foreign media HLTV.

Since the FURIA team recruited Gabriel Toledo | FalleN, they have been training hard in the hope of achieving what FalleN wants. But the FURIA team has not reaped the fruits of success yet. Their world ranking has been at 15-20 for a long time. In the recent competitions they have participated in, they have always struggled to break through the semi-finals.

Now coming to Belgrade, FURIA hopes to make a breakthrough in this $100,000 event. In the interview, KSCERATO talked about the team’s progress since FalleN joined, as well as the scandal between him and Liquid.

Q: This event has a prize pool of US$100,000, and the participating teams are not weak. How would you handle an event like this?

A: In fact, I am very happy to participate in this event because I like Serbia. I also watched previous PARI events and they organized them very well. I’m ready to win this event, and while it won’t be easy, it’s not hopeless.

Q: You currently live in Europe most of the time and participate in European competitions. How does it feel so far?

A: Very tired. My passport was battle-scarred and didn’t even have a blank page. But it’s also great, because this is the life I chose. I’m very happy to be able to choose what I love, so I will continue to be full of love and enthusiasm.

Q: Tell us about the progress of the integration of his system and FURIA’s original system under the command of FalleN now?

A: Our training is very good. FalleN took on the responsibility of being the leader and I think he is one of the best leaders of all time. Coach Nicholas Nogueira | guerri has had a lot of communication with FalleN and Andrei Piovezan | arT, discussing his aggressive style and FalleN’s style. I’m very happy about the team. FalleN is an excellent leader and arT is also an excellent second-in-command. Everyone is doing well. FURIA has already participated in two online matches in the new game. This is our first offline match. I believe there will be good results.

Q: How is playing under the command of FalleN different from your expectations?

A: I have been playing CS for 15 years, and I have been watching FalleN’s Vlog. After getting in touch with him, I found that he was even better than I thought. He knows what to say and how to say it. FalleN is a very special person.

Q: But FURIA’s current results obviously don’t match your ambitions. Some people think the problem lies with Marcelo Cespedes | chelo, who has only a 0.96 rating since joining FURIA. Do you think it’s because of the division of labor, or because Chelo hasn’t found his comfort zone yet?

A: When he was at Imperial, chelo played many influential positions. In FURIA, sometimes he needs to play singles at certain points, which is a bit unfamiliar to him. But Chelo is slowly adapting, and I believe he will be almost ready by the end of the year.

Q: What do you think of the new version of CS? What do you think is the biggest challenge?

A: There are so many. For example, cl_bob, cl_drawtracer and blood stains. Because I am color blind, blood stains sometimes make me dizzy. But overall the game is pretty good. I have played many FPS games, including CF. The new version of CS is really good, it allows you to free your mind and think about the game. I believe this will be the best CS.

Q: Recently, foreign media reported that you rejected Liquid’s offer. Can you share the details?

A: Liquid is indeed interested in me. But at this stage I have a lot of things to do. I want to stay in FURIA. I love this team. I love this club and I love FURIA fans. So it is best to stay in FURIA now.

Q: Is it important to you to play in a Brazilian team?

A: Being able to play for a Brazilian team is obviously a priority because Portuguese is my mother tongue. However, it is not difficult to communicate in English in CS. No matter where I play, the Brazilian fans will cheer me loudly.

Q: Will you join the International Brigade one day?

A: I don’t know either. I’m just focusing on the present, maybe one day, but I’m only 24 and I have a long career ahead of me. It’s too early to think about this now.

Q: After this event, you will have two offline events – Elisa Espoo Masters and BB Dacha 2023. Do you have any specific goals?

A: We were the champions of the last Elisa. It would be better if we could defend the title this time. I look forward to winning the championship and gaining something from the RMR in January next year.