LPL All Star Weekend star team interviews

LPL All Star Weekend star team interviews

The LPL All-Star Weekend ended with three BO1s for the Stars, and gave fans a big surprise – the 2018 IG championship lineup was reorganized tonight and won their 100th win. Five years after climbing over the mountain, the Incheon Five finally ushered in the final chapter of their story.

We interviewed these ten star players after the game. The following are the interview details:

Q: What are your thoughts on winning the MVP? How does it feel to play in Fuzhou?

Rookie: It feels like recognition for me, because I haven’t played a game in the past few months, so it’s good to have this opportunity. Although it’s not the main game, it still feels good to have everyone together. I hope I can work hard next year. Bar.

Q: How was your experience participating in the All-Star Game this year? Is it stressful to play against The Shy?

Rookie: All-Star is a stress reliever for the players, and it’s quite fun to be able to interact with fans. Today, I don’t know why he came to the middle to line up with me. I feel okay. They are both temperamental people and they all play very hard.

Q: Before the game, did you think about the lineup you would use in the first game?

Ning: No, I just thought of it temporarily during debugging, and made a whole heart of steel (laughs). But it doesn’t feel very good. The hero is not good, but the skin is great.

Q: There were many exciting scenes against Xiaohu in the first game today. How did you feel about your performance against the opponent?

Bin: I didn’t expect him to play so well at level 1. I went solo later and felt that Jax still had an advantage in this game.

Q: Why did you think of theshy switching positions? Is there any tactical arrangement in advance?

Xiaohu: It’s the same as lowering King Ning. When I was debugging, I wanted to play the Heartsteel lineup, and there was Yone in it. I always wanted to play it, so I changed the lane and played it. In the end, I didn’t expect that Heartsteel turned into Heartache. .

Q: Today I saw Kayn’s choice after a long time. As Kayn’s unique brother, Ning, how do you think this hero will perform next season?

Ning: I’d say it’s pure rubbish. It’s better to delete it.

Q: What are the reasons for choosing a powerful support person today? How does it feel to play a melee hero?

Gala: I played it because it was Heart of Steel, and it felt like a gift.

Q: Fans have always called you the king of small guns. Are you prepared in advance for selecting the mid laner today? Give a score for your performance.

Xun: For fun, I just wanted to play with a cannon and see how it felt. In the end, it felt okay.

Q: How does it feel to work with Gala players today?

Crisp: Gala said that he wanted to play Brawler, so I went to play Aphelios. I felt that it was very uncomfortable to play with him.

In the second round, there was something wrong with the first-level team. The AD was on the bottom lane, and four of them died on the top lane.

The third one wants to play Han Bing. I don’t know why. I feel that Han Bing is a hero who can be easily tortured. I feel like he doesn’t have much gaming experience. I’m okay with that.

Q: Zyra is awesome today, how would you rate your jungler Zyra?

Jackeylove: We just discussed it and asked Xun to play mid lane with a small cannon, and I would go to the jungle to make up for AP. After looking through the hero list, I felt that Zyra could be a jungle hero, so I gave it a try.

To be honest, it’s not bad to use this hero in the jungle for the first time. It’s brutal and fast.

Q: Do you have any special feelings when you are reunited with the championship team from Incheon for a game today?

Ning: I’m very happy. I haven’t felt like this for a long time.

Q: Did you ever think that you would win the MVP with Nami today? Please share your feelings about winning the MVP.

Baolan: I definitely didn’t think I could win MVP at first. But the hot boy Nami is a pretty classic combination. In the early and mid-term, it was average, but later on, when the damage started to happen, and there were some particularly good scenes, I felt that there might be an MVP.


Q: As the captain, what did you say to the players before the game?

Rookie: Let me just talk about today’s gameplay, how about entertainment. Anyway, it was pretty casual, and I saw that the guy on the other side was pretty casual too, and even changed places.

Q: As the most popular player of the year, what would you like to say to the fans who voted for you?

TheShy: Thank you fans for your support, I will continue to work hard, thank you.


Q: How did you feel about picking Yongen in the second game? What do you need to pay attention to when playing this hero well?

Bin: I think this hero is quite fun and quite powerful. If you want to play well, don’t use your ultimate move. After the wind blows, it will be more stable.

Q: Kai’Sa was very eye-catching in the second game. She flew to the back row several times. Why did you choose this hero? How would you rate your performance today?

Xiaohu: This gameplay was popular with Kai’Sa before. At that time, I wanted to play a game with this hero, but the coach never allowed me to do so. Today I saw Rookie picked Kai’Sa in the first game, and I thought about a different strategy.

In fact, after finishing the first-level group fight, I thought it was going to be over if I couldn’t even get out of the magic cut, but it was quite fun to develop later.