Practical Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide

Coach, I want to play Apex! - Apex Legends Beginner's Guide

Apex Legends is a new free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment under EA. Since its release, the game has garnered unprecedented attention. Within two weeks, it has amassed 25 million registered users and a concurrent player count of 2 million, surpassing its rival Fortnite and claiming the title of the fastest-growing game in terms of player numbers.

On the largest gaming streaming platform, Twitch, Apex Legends has also claimed the top spot, with significantly higher concurrent viewership than Fortnite, making it the most talked-about game.

Let’s not forget that this game still has a relatively small player base in East Asia, especially in China, indicating great growth potential.

Enough nonsense, how do we enter the world of APEX? What are the fundamental differences between APEX and other battle royale games? This article will cover three aspects.

1. Download and Installation

2. Game System

3. Character Introduction

Download and Installation

Before discussing the game system and character introduction, we need to address a few basic issues. If we can’t even play the game, talking about its features and gameplay is pointless. For players who have had limited exposure to legitimate standalone games, enjoying the convenience of one-click installation from companies like NetEase or Tencent has become a habit. Even with slightly more complicated platforms like Steam, downloading and installing games is a breeze. However, the Origin platform that APEX is on, also known as the “rotten orange” platform, does not have servers in China. Not only can the download speed fluctuate, but it can also be explosive, and the stability is so low that it makes people want to smash their computers. Almost no Origin users in China are unaffected by this.

So, the first thing you should do is to address the download speed issue, which is to change the host.

1. Download Origin platform and Apex Legends.
2. Search for Usbeam and access its webpage.
3. Go to the multiple solutions section and download Usbeam.
4. Click on it and select a server (the commonly used server is Hong Kong, choose according to your specific situation).

If you are having trouble with the game download, you can try downloading a legitimate offline package from the internet and add it to the game directory.

After completing the installation and entering the game, you may encounter a situation where even with a good graphics card like 970/1060/1070 (or higher), the game still lags. Is it because the game optimization is poor?

The reason for the lag is actually because in certain situations, this game will default to using the integrated graphics card, so players need to manually adjust it to use the dedicated graphics card. The specific method is to open the Nvidia Control Panel, go to program settings, find Apex, and set it to use the dedicated graphics card.

Now, let’s talk about the issue of cheating. Many great FPS games have suffered from the rampant spread of cheats, which greatly diminishes the gaming experience for most players. Players become wary of the threat posed by cheaters, leading to a deteriorating game environment and a loss of credibility for the game operators, ultimately resulting in the gradual decline of the game.

As for Apex, cheating is currently not very widespread. However, I believe that as this game gains more popularity, there will be an increase in cheaters (assuming it does become popular). Fortunately, Respawn, as an experienced FPS development team, has a wealth of experience in dealing with cheaters. For example, in their previous game, Titanfall, they used a tactic of placing cheaters in their own separate servers (known as “Cheater Island”).

Game System

After solving the basic problems, let’s now introduce the game system.

1. Currently, there is only a three-player team mode, with the option to fill the team with random players for solo or duo matches (learning from past experiences, this game has disabled friendly fire).

2. The game features eight playable characters, including six free ones and two premium characters.

Each character has a passive ability, an active skill, and an ultimate ability. The ultimate ability can only be used once fully charged.

3. The game starts with a parachuting phase, where one player is designated as the team leader by default. The rest of the team will follow the leader during the initial descent. However, players have the freedom to separate from the leader and land elsewhere. The team leader position can also be transferred.

4: There is no fall damage in the game, and the designers encourage players to take advantage of the vertical sight difference to launch attacks. Jumping off buildings or cliffs to strike enemies is truly a stylish move.

5: The speed of picking up items is extremely fast, with no delay or item-picking animation. When accessories can be equipped on held equipment, they will be automatically equipped. If there are multiple firearms that can be equipped, they will be prioritized on the currently held firearm.

6: Game items are divided into four categories: white, blue, purple, and gold, with each area indicating the level of item refresh. The higher the level, the rarer the item. In each game, a random area will be designated as a danger zone and marked on the map. The danger zone can spawn gold firearms, which are fully equipped from the start and may also have additional attributes.

7: In-game armor is divided into helmets, body armor, and knockdown shields. Helmets have no durability, while body armor can be fully charged with batteries. When being hit, the durability of the body armor is deducted before the health. Knockdown shields generate a shield that protects the front 180-degree range of the player when they are knocked down, preventing enemy players from instantly finishing them off.

8: When a teammate is killed, the surviving teammates can retrieve the flag (with a time limit) and then go to various respawn points on the map to revive their teammate. There is no limit to the number of revivals, but each respawn point can only be used once per game. Revived teammates will not retain any equipment.

9: There is no peeking (i.e. leaning left or right) in the game. The q key is used for a small skill, the e key is for interaction, and the t key is for the ultimate ability. Players who are used to playing games like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG may unintentionally use their abilities when in a defensive position… (Don’t ask me how I know this)

10: When a player is equipped with rarer gear and attachments, they cannot pick up lower-level gear and attachments. Only when the armor level difference is two levels or less can damaged high-level armor be replaced with intact low-level armor.

11: Peacekeeper is the best in the world!

Character Introduction

Lastly, let me explain the most distinctive feature of APEX compared to other battle royale games – characters and abilities.

Let’s start with the six free characters:


Passive: Leaves footprints where enemies have walked, allowing teammates to track them.

Tactical: Scans the surrounding buildings, marking enemies, traps, and footprints. The scan is visible to all characters.

Ultimate: Accelerate, gain night vision, highlight enemies and footprints within the field of vision.

The only scouting character in the game, a legendary T0 character. The first wave of small-scale combat during parachute jumping can play a significant role, as the scouting ability can reveal enemies inside buildings. (Mom, I’m no longer afraid of LYB!)


Gibraltar (nickname: Bent Gibraltar, because he is gay…)

Passive: When right-clicking to aim, can raise a shield in the forward direction, providing protection for all body parts except the head and knees. It is specifically designed for shotguns, but it is very conspicuous, so it is recommended to use it at the right time.

Tactical: Place a semi-circular shield on the ground that cannot be destroyed by bullets, including bullets fired by teammates from the inside out.

Ultimate Ability: Throw a hand grenade and bombard the area with artillery shells. It will cause damage to all characters (including friendly units).

The Just Rifle character is very effective. The protective shield can prevent flanking attacks and the 15-second duration is enough for urgent rescue operations. The Ultimate Ability is versatile and can be used to block paths, assassinate enemies, provide cover, and secure points in the final circle. (It is rumored that this character has a larger hitbox than others, making it easier to be hit.)



Passive Ability: When rescuing someone, place a semi-circular shield that provides defense and speeds up the rescue process.

Active Ability: Throw a stationary drone onto the ground that heals all players within a small radius, including enemies.

Ultimate: Call in an airdrop to obtain three pieces of purple armor and potions.

Support role, Medic. Slim. Good for close-range combat due to passive ability.

Use Ultimate with caution, as the airdrop can be seen from miles away, attracting enemies.



Passive: Scan beacons to locate the next safe zone. Beacons are marked on the map and need to be collected manually.

Tactical: Grappling Hook, allows for quick and distant movement.

Ultimate: Create a zipline that the entire team can use for increased mobility.

Highly agile on his own and can enhance team mobility. Can also scout ahead for safe zones. However, lacks offensive and defensive abilities, making him highly reliant on map knowledge and game situation when facing skilled opponents.


Passive: Provides players with vague hints when danger is approaching. The hints are subtle and can easily go unnoticed if not paying attention.

Active: Activates the ghost mode, granting speed and invincibility, but unable to use weapons. During this process, it becomes almost invisible to other players, making it difficult for enemies to detect the accelerated and ephemeral presence.

Ultimate: Enters the void, unable to attack or be attacked. Can choose to jump out from a specific location, while creating teleportation portals similar to Overwatch’s Moira at both the original and current locations, which can be used by everyone.

A highly agile character, also a team-oriented mobile hero. Can utilize the teleportation portals for maneuvering, switching between evading and pursuing, depending on the player’s skill level. Ideal for delivering justice from above. (Often ends up leaving teammates behind due to running too fast)


Passive: When hit by enemies while running, gains a speed boost with a built-in cooldown.

Tactical: Smoke Launcher, a highly effective tool for team cover and escape.

Ultimate: Throwing a cluster of smoke grenades, creating a carpet bombing effect. Slightly different from Gibraltar’s ultimate as it has random targeting.

A suitable character for evasion, with an inexplicable intuition (no pun intended). Has a significant advantage in close-range combat, as the brief burst of speed makes it difficult for enemies to hit you. Smoke Launcher and the Ultimate are excellent tools for providing cover. Has the potential to become a Smoke Demon.

Lastly, we have two paid characters:


Passive: Gains vision inside the released gas area.

Active: Sets up toxic traps, up to a maximum of six.

Ultimate: Toxic grenades.

An extremely disgusting character that is capable of being a nuisance in both defensive and offensive situations. What’s even more disgusting is that the gas can be used as a smoke bomb and the character can attack through the smoke. The drawback is that the character is large in size and lacks defensive skills.


Passive: Turns invisible when knocked down and leaves a decoy in the original position.

Active: Creates a decoy that runs forward.

Ultimate: Turns invisible and deploys multiple decoys in the surroundings. Cannot use firearms while invisible.

An intelligence detector that marks enemies who shoot at the decoys on the map. The only complaint is that the decoys from the ultimate do not move (caution: armored monkey), so enemies will pay attention to the real character when they see a group of illusions. However, the dense decoys can obstruct the line of sight and help the real character to escape while invisible.

In summary, these are all the key points for beginners to get started with APEX. Hopefully, this article can help everyone get familiar with the game quickly. With APEX gaining popularity in the gaming community, we believe that more and more players will emerge in China. Lastly, we wish everyone good luck and may you win chicken dinners every day in the world of APEX.

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