PUBG first Chinese-style map “Rongdu” will be launched soon

PUBG news :

Recently, KRAFTON announced the launch of PUBG first Chinese-style map, “Rongdu,” which will be officially launched in early December.

KRAFTON has officially announced the launch of PUBG’s tenth map, “Rongdu,” in early December. This new map spans eight thousand meters and boasts the highest specifications. In a video unveiling the map, the presence of numerous Chinese elements is eye-catching.

Rongdu Experience Test Tournament

At the end of October, the reporter participated in a closed-door experience meeting organized by KRAFTON. As a player, they had the opportunity to explore the new battlefield of Rongdu. This test match provided a diverse scene experience and showcased the potential of cross-industry cooperation.

The integration of bamboo forests, new energy automobile factories, and modern cities

Rather than having unified styles for towns and wild areas like previous PUBG maps, Rongdu draws inspiration from various sources. The map features a dense bamboo forest in the wild scene, while the town of “Yulin” combines elements from Suzhou gardens, offering a new interpretation of small town scenes.

In addition to outdoor scenes, the large city of “Jadena City” introduces rows of skyscrapers and automated escalators, adding new variables to traditional “street fighting.” Familiar factory scenes are also present in Rongdu, such as the “NEOX Factory,” a large-scale new energy vehicle factory with a vehicle test track.

From bamboo forests and classical gardens to new energy vehicle factories and modern cities, Rongdu offers a vast playing field with diverse and integrated design styles. This Chinese-style map presents an attractive picture to players worldwide.

More space for cross-border co-branding and an emerging economic system

Rongdu provides great potential for cross-border linkage, enabling more cross-industry cooperation. As one of the few realistic-style products in the esports industry, PUBG has been favored by traditional industries for collaboration opportunities.

The Chinese restaurants, new energy automobile factories, and neon signs on urban skyscrapers in Rongdu can serve as display locations for traditional industry brands. For example, restaurants can become the “Rongdu flagship store” for a certain catering brand, and a new energy factory can become an “online showroom” for a car brand to promote new models.

In the test match, a new element introduced in Rongdu is the randomly dropped currency. While these currencies were not usable in the test matches, the PUBG development team is considering allowing players to use them to purchase supplies and equipment in the game. This addition may enhance the resource management and competitive dimension of the PUBG arena, effectively joining the internal economic system.

Rongdu is set to launch on the 27.1 official server on December 6, coinciding with the end of the 2023 PGC and the beginning of the new competition year. The impact of the “City of Glory” on PUBG’s business and esports ecosystem will gradually become clear.