S13 League of Legends Global Finals Finals Side Selection

On November 15th, the League of Legends S13 Global Finals held a media day in South Korea. The two finals teams WBG and T1 were interviewed by the media respectively.
After the interview, it was time to choose the side in the S13 finals. In this coin toss, the WBG team finally won the right to choose the side, and WBG chose the blue side.

In the game against T1, the right to choose sides is particularly important. From the knockout round to the semi-finals, the blue side has a high winning rate. In the five games played by WBG against BLG, they all won on the blue side.
In the game against LNG, T1 showed their BP strategy on the red side, letting the bottom lane support become the counter position and directly penetrating the opponent’s bottom lane. This made the bottom lane game particularly beautiful.
I believe that after WBG chooses the blue side, there will be corresponding BP decisions and targets for the game. We look forward to the arrival of the S13 finals.
Don’t miss the exciting opening ceremony, as the S13 finals will be held on November 19th.