StarCraft II Terran’s Marine Rush Tactic


I feel that this “one-base all-in” strategy is very straightforward and suitable for the majority of Terran players. Of course, Zerg players can also take a look and reflect on their own rhythm when playing as Zerg based on the timeline described in my article.

Terran vs. Zerg, One-Base All-In

The Terran one-base all-in I wrote about should be a variation of the 9 Barracks Bunker Rush strategy, which I personally believe is suitable for most Terran players. Using the Lost Temple map as a reference.

Firstly, we start with a normal opening, efficiently assigning SCVs to mine minerals. When the ninth SCV is built, construct the first Supply Depot (SD) and simultaneously send an SCV to scout (utilizing Shift to set a path). At 11/18 supply, build the first Barracks (BR). Depending on our scouting information, the recommended strategy from high-level players is to build the second Supply Depot at 14/18 supply. By following this development route, when our first Barracks is completed, we will have around 200 minerals, allowing us to build a Marine (to defend against Zerg rushes) and the second Barracks simultaneously, without stopping SCV production. This will result in a much stronger economy.

Once we have built the second supply station (BS), we should immediately proceed to construct a gas refinery (BR). When the crystals reach 125, it is crucial to carefully hide our intentions when constructing the engineering station (BE), as we don’t want the opposing Zerg to detect our plans. Drawing circles is essential and requires careful consideration. While building the BE, it is important to assess the resource situation, reinforce troops, and timely construct a science academy (BA). However, it is essential to remember to maintain a surplus of 100 crystals and gas each. After completing the BE, we should immediately upgrade our defense by one level (or, if your skills are proficient enough, you may opt for upgrading attack instead). It is important for everyone to remember that the coordination between marines and medics is vital; the first-level defense allows medics more time to heal us, thereby increasing our margin for error.

While constructing the Academy of Sciences, make sure to also build a third Barracks. Just like the Engineering Bay, the third Barracks should be hidden well to avoid easy scouting from the opponent (remember, scouting is crucial for success in StarCraft). Once the Academy of Sciences (BA) is constructed, upgrade Stim Packs immediately and build two Medivacs simultaneously in the first and second Barracks. As soon as the third Barracks is completed, start producing Hellbats. A reminder, while constructing the Bunker Engineering (BE), the Academy of Sciences (BA), and the third Barracks (BB), remember to maintain a steady economy and don’t forget to build Supply Depots so that you don’t get supply blocked. By the time the third Barracks is completed, the Terran rush should be mostly covered. You’ll need approximately 4-5 Medivacs and 2-3 Hellbats, and the rest of your resources can be used to produce additional Marines. After upgrading Stim Packs, continue upgrading range and build a Radar while ensuring a constant production of units.

The Firebat can serve as both a meat shield and deal AOE damage to the zerglings and zealots. When we have around 16 to 17 marines, 2 to 3 firebats, and 4 medics, it is our power spike phase. We almost have two fully equipped squads, gathering all three barracks (R) at the enemy’s choke point. Send 1 or 2 SCVs to follow the medics, allowing them to repair bunkers anytime and also providing disruption to enemy movement and damage absorption. Following the pace set by the “King of Jiong,” when our main force has reached halfway, the first-tier defense upgrade will be completed. When approaching the Zerg’s doorstep, use a radar scan to check the range of their main base. If they don’t have more than 6 bunkers, ignore what they are constructing in their main base and directly engage.

What are the Zerg doing at this time?

If we follow the building strategy on “Jiong King”, when we have two fully equipped MM+F, most of the Zerg at home will only have two forms:

First, the route of Zerglings + Mutalisks. For this route, unless there are more than six Bunkers at home and there must be cooperation with Zerglings, in most cases, they won’t be able to stop two fully equipped MMF. Just let the Hellbats, two Medivacs, and SCVs attack the Bunkers (don’t use stimpack). We just need to control the two Marines and have the Zerglings act as shields in front. Remember not to be intimidated by a few enemies. Once the MM defense level is upgraded, we won’t be afraid of Mutalisks at all. If the Mutalisks see our MM, they will take a detour.

The second scenario involves following the Lurker route for Zerg players. This route is slightly more complicated, as it definitely involves using Zerglings and Hydralisks. If the opponent expands to two bases, they will certainly have 1-2 Lurkers. In this case, it is crucial to rely on micro-management and radar to take out the Lurkers. If unable to defeat them, fall back and establish bunkers or use anti-air units to harass their economy while staying hidden. However, if the opponent starts with a three-base opening and our own progression has been smooth so far, by the time our Marine/Medic/Firebat squad arrives, their Lurkers may not have hatched yet or are still in the process. At this point, without hesitation, administer a stimpack to the squad and position them around the hatching eggs without attacking them directly, but focusing on eliminating workers. Once the Lurkers hatch, promptly scan and eliminate them. Tips: Remember to group together the Marines coming from the reinforcement barracks when launching an attack.

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