T1 wins the 2023 League of Legends Global Finals

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On the afternoon of November 19, the 2023 League of Legends Global Finals (hereinafter referred to as the “World Championship”) ushered in the ultimate battle. South Korea’s LCK team T1 defeated WBG, a team from China’s LPL, 3-0. T1’s mid laner Lee Sang Hyuk (ID: Faker) became the first four-time champion in the League of Legends World Championship.

The confrontation between China and South Korea is a major attraction of the World Championship, and this year is no exception. After the Swiss round, all four LPL teams advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time, and three LCK teams were also shortlisted. In the semi-finals, JDG, BLG and WBG surrounded the LCK “lone seedling” T1. Under the leadership of core player Lee Sang Hyuk, T1 defeated JDG, the favorite to win the championship, and met WBG in the finals.
Entering the finals of the World Championship for the first time in team history, WBG carries the last hope of the LPL division. This team, with an average age of 24.7 years old, has set a record as the oldest team in the finals.
Judging from the pre-match data of the two teams, WBG is the disadvantaged side. The winning rate of the blue side of both sides is 100%, but T1’s winning rate on the red side reaches 71%, while WBG only has 55%. T1’s average game time is 29 minutes and 49 seconds, which is shorter than WBG’s 31 minutes and 35 seconds. In terms of coating, WBG averaged 4.8 per game, which is not much different from T1’s 4.7.
After winning the coin toss before the game, WBG, favored by the goddess of luck, chose the blue side in the first game. In terms of combat thinking, they targeted Lee Sang Hyuk and put Azir, Neeko, Orianna, and Sylas in the BAN (banned) position. At the beginning, WBG jungler Wei Bohan (ID: Weiwei)’s Maokai was flexible and varied, but T1 dominated the three lanes and controlled resources well. After Yongen of the Xiaolong team got up, he helped the team open up the situation. T1 won the victory and scored one point first.
WBG still chose the blue side in the second game. The combination of Kalista and Lenata was dismantled, and WBG got Senna for Liu Qingsong (ID: Crisp). However, T1 relies on stable operations to continuously expand its advantages. Facing the huge economic gap, WBG is unable to withstand. T1 scored another victory and rewritten the score to 2-0.
T1, who got the match point first, locked up the “Xayah and Rakan” combination in the third game. WBG chose to trust the jungler and selected Belvis for Weiwei, and paired it with the assistant Bard for jungle-auxiliary linkage. At Xiaolong, T1 resolved its early disadvantage by winning team battles. Lee Sang Hyuk’s Akali continuously helped the team get up to speed in team battles, and T1’s economic lead turned the advantage into victory. In the end, T1 won 3-0 and won this


year’s World Championship trophy.