TGA 2023 voting opens. Many contents related to the new version of CS have been nominated.

The TGA Awards Ceremony is the most authoritative and trustworthy awards ceremony in the gaming industry. It is called the Oscars of the gaming industry by many gamers and is also the most anticipated feast for gamers every year.

The 2023 TGA Awards nomination list was announced today. The new version of CS, as well as related events and players, were selected for the best e-sports game, best e-sports player, best e-sports event, best e-sports coach, and best e-sports. There were five nominations for the competitive teams.

The list of candidates in the nomination stage is selected by voting and calculating the total number of more than 100 judges and media from around the world. The TGA 2023 awards event will be held on December 7, US time, at which time the results of various awards voted by global media and players will be announced.

TGA 2023 Best Esports Game Nomination



League of Legends

PUBG mobile game version

Fearless Contract

TGA 2023 Best E-Sports Player Nomination


Faker (League of Legends)

Demon1 (Fearless Contract)

Ruler (League of Legends)


Hydra (Call of Duty)

TGA 2023 Best Esports Team Nomination

EG (Fearless Contract)

FNATIC (Fearless Contract)

Gaimin Gladiators (DOTA 2)

JD Gaming (League of Legends)

Vitality (Counter-Strike)

TGA 2023 Best Esports Coach Nomination

Potter (EG Fearless Contract Division)

zonic (Falcons CS Division)

​XTQZZZ (Vitality CS Division)

​Homme (JD Gaming League of Legends Division)

Gunba (Florida Mayhem Overwatch Division)

TGA 2023 Best Esports Event Nomination

2023 League of Legends Global Finals

BLAST.TV Paris Major 2023

EVO 2023

Fearless Contract Global Championship 2023

DOTA2 TI12 International Invitational Tournament