Two teams in LPL have locked up World Championship spots, while six have qualified for playoffs. There is a possibility for EDG to get a wild card spot.

The first two rounds of the LPL summer playoffs have already concluded, with two teams advancing to the third round, marking the impending intense stage of the playoffs. As the third round of the playoffs approaches, all remaining matches will be strong team confrontations, with popular top-tier teams participating in each game, making the audience highly anticipative. It should be noted that with the conclusion of the second round matches in both the upper and lower regions of the playoffs, the LPL Global Championship points have been updated once again.

After WBG’s victory over NIP, they became the last team to secure a spot in the play-in bracket. By defeating NIP and advancing to the top six, they also gained a minimum of 60 Global Championship points, currently second only to JDG, BLG, and EDG. Therefore, regardless of who wins the summer championship or has the highest points throughout the year, WBG will automatically qualify for the play-in bracket.

With WBG securing a spot in the play-in bracket, all six teams qualified for the LPL play-in have been determined. JDG and BLG, as the LPL kings and queens, currently hold 150 and 130 points respectively, and it is likely that both teams will advance to the finals again based on their performance.

If JDG and BLG both advance to the summer finals, it means that the LPL first and second seeds will emerge from these two teams. The competition for the remaining third and fourth seed spots will occur in the play-in bracket among the other four teams. EDG, who also won their match against OMG in the second round, has a favorable situation with their 40 points from finishing third in spring and 90 points currently.

With this score, EDG temporarily trails only JDG and BLG. Even if they lose to TES, they will have a good chance of advancing to the winners’ bracket of the play-in bracket. This will give them an advantage in the event that they lose a game, as they can still compete for the fourth seed in the losers’ bracket. This is definitely a positive development for EDG.

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