Uzi’s strength is uncertain, unable to use Flash many times. EDG faces difficulties in the playoffs.


In the LPL playoffs, as the eighth seed in the regular season, EDG made their debut on the first day of the playoffs. Although their opponent was WE, many people were not optimistic about EDG due to their poor performance in the playoffs. However, after the BO5 match, EDG’s performance significantly improved, which reassured their fans. Although it was still a showcase of skills, their state was much better than in the regular season. Uzi’s living environment was very poor In the BO5 match between EDG and WE, it was not very friendly for Uzi. Especially in the fourth game, Uzi used his Ashe to deal with WE’s charging formation. However, in the dragon fight, Uzi anticipated being attacked and started to distance himself from EDG’s other four members. However, nobody expected that the enemy team would wait for EDG’s other four members to leave before attacking Uzi, despite seeing him alone at the back. Although they eventually killed Uzi, they lost the ability to deal with EDG’s other members and ultimately lost the fight. The dual AD composition was too strong in the later stages EDG’s dual AD composition had an extremely high output in the later stages of the game, especially with the help of the Yorick’s item enchantment. The Corki and Ashe could easily deal with enemy front-liners in the later stages. If the enemy team’s Annie could not stun both Uzi and fofo at the same time, they would not have enough time to react to both ADs’ attacks. EDG won the fight and defeated WE 3:1. Ale’s post-match interview was full of showbiz After the BO5 match, Ale performed the worst among all players. In the first two games, he was defeated in lane and could not perform well in teamfights. In the second game, his剑姬was killed mistakenly by mistake, which led to his team losing the game. However, in his post-match interview, Ale showed his comical side once again by joking about his previous mistakes and making his teammates laugh. Uzi talked about his feelings towards the summer season Uzi and Meiko also accepted an interview where Uzi said that he hopes his teammates can relax and enjoy every game in the summer season’s playoffs. He also mentioned that they should play every game as if it were their last. Although EDG’s performance in the regular season was not satisfying to many fans, they still hope to see them in the play-in bracket.

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