VALORANT Map Tips Tutorial – Neon Town Smoke Sealing Method!


As a masterpiece of Fist Games in the FPS category, “VALORANT” has already become popular overseas upon its release and even won the TGA “Best Esports Game” award. As a short TTK type FPS game with classic demolition mode as its gameplay, the smoke-enclosing technique is particularly important during matches.

In the Neon Town map, many positions are crucial for both offense and defense. Therefore, mastering the smoke-enclosing technique can help control the pace of the game. Below are a few practical smoke-enclosing positions.

Attack Smoke for Area A: First, stand in the sewer entrance of Area A. At the beginning of the game, this is a safe smoke-enclosing position. During the attack on Area A, the positions of the high platform and the control room in Area A are often defended by the opponent. If you directly rush into these positions, you are likely to be punished by the opponent’s gunfire. Therefore, smoking off these two positions can effectively block the opponent’s line of sight.


The throwing methods for these two spots are very simple. Just find the right position and release the smoke. It is recommended that players practice finding the feeling of these spots in solo custom rooms to quickly seal off the two crucial smokes during actual combat.


For defending A site, throwing a smoke at the front spot is enough to slow down the opponent’s attack pace. Additionally, you can also throw a straight smoke on A ramp.

When attacking mid, the rifle line at mid post office can be quite annoying. Therefore, you can start by standing at the position of B passage to smoke off this spot and help your teammates gain control of mid.

There is no specific aiming point for this smoke. Just make sure the smoke is positioned at the connection between the post office and mid. The smoke has a much larger diameter than the location itself. However, be careful not to rush the smoke, as leaving gaps will give the opponents the advantage of holding an angle.

After discussing Area A and the mid lane, the smoke strategy for Area B is relatively simpler. You just need to start by standing in B lobby or B garage, aiming towards the second floor of Area B, to block off the smoke.

However, it is important to note that during the process of blocking off the smoke, you should move the green cursor to the middle of the door frame on the second floor of B, in order to ensure that there are no gaps for enemies on the second floor of B to see through.

Once the smoke is blocked, you can work with your teammates to clear out the enemies on the bomb site. In the late game, if necessary, you can block off the remaining smoke depending on the actual situation.

We have already introduced several commonly used smoke spots, but remember that smoke is only an auxiliary tool for the attack. It is important to be flexible and adapt the smoke placement according to the actual situation in the game.

I wonder if you guys have learned the skill of sealing these cigarettes. Although it may seem very cool, with some hands-on practice and more exercises, you will be able to skillfully apply it in actual combat!

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