Yasuo’s combo techniques

  1. Blow wind with your buttocks, then use W to move forward and Q to move backward.
  2. Use double wind blows, after hitting with the wind blow, use E+Q+R+Q.
  3. Activate Wind Wall to gain vision, you can use it in the jungle for better visibility.
  4. Utilize E’s displacement technique, in the jungle, use E to move through walls.
  5. Ganking technique, try to accumulate 2 stacks of Q by using jungle monsters on the way to gank.
  6. Pull aggro by attacking enemy minions with Wind Wall, draw their attention and bring them closer.
  7. Combo EQ for a double hit and knock-up, when there is an opportunity for a solo kill, use EQ2 combo for a guaranteed knock-up.
  8. Flash with EQ, use Yasuo’s EQ flash to initiate and achieve a guaranteed knock-up.
  9. Yasuo combo, maximize damage with EQ flash+E+Q.
  10. Utilize E’s displacement in the jungle to maneuver between enemies for damage or escape.
  11. Turn off auto-attack and use E when Q has about 0.5 seconds left on its cooldown to instantly refresh the Q ability. This 0.5 seconds is crucial for Yasuo’s smoothness.
  12. Turn off auto-attack and instantly cancel the E animation by clicking on the ground right after using E, similar to Riven’s fast Q+A.
  13. Besides reducing cooldown, attack speed and critical strike also slightly reduce the cooldown time of abilities, especially when attack speed exceeds 45%.
  14. Use W at the edges to gain vision, similar to Akali’s W ability, especially when you need to pass through jungle monsters from behind a wall (raptors) and don’t have wards. Use W at the edge to gain vision and E for maximum escape.
  15. Q can also grant vision, provided that the jungle monster hits you once. Sometimes, even without vision, you can use Q over a wall to gain vision and escape from big monsters without needing to auto-attack them. Be cautious when using this technique in extreme situations because time may be limited.
  16. Inside the red/blue buff area and on the platforms outside the F6 zone, you can use R in mid-air and instantly throw W. After landing, W will immediately appear right next to the landing spot without going behind the enemy, which can be used to block AoE skills.

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