EDG formally sues Scout, did he want to leave since last year?

The most surprising transfer this year would undoubtedly be Scout leaving EDG for LNG. As a veteran player who had diligently served EDG for many years, he ultimately parted ways due to contract reasons. The relationship between the two sides had already deteriorated during the negotiation phase, leading EDG to file a complaint with the league earlier this year. Yesterday, even more explosive news broke out as EDG decided to take Scout to court directly!

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What does the “Fearless Draft” mode bring to League of Legends esports when banning 30 heroes in a single game becomes insane?

“The global BP is pretty good,” Doinb mentioned during the live broadcast, referring to LDL’s implementation of the global BP (fearless draft BO3 mode). In mid-July, LDL officially introduced the “fearless draft” BO3 format during the second round-robin of the summer season. This format, also known as “global BP,” means that in the BO3 series,…

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The pacing and flow control of Apex Legends’ map design are well-designed

Apex stands on the shoulders of giants to create its own unique and outstanding battle royale experience: fast-paced and action-packed. The diverse heroes, unique firearms, and rich map elements make every game session filled with freshness. Apex always leaves players anticipating the next round, eager for new experiences. In my understanding, Apex’s level design philosophy is to drive combat by promoting player movement and cleverly control the pace through map design.

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