LPL All Star Weekend star team interviews

LPL All Star Weekend star team interviews The LPL All-Star Weekend ended with three BO1s for the Stars, and gave fans a big surprise – the 2018 IG championship lineup was reorganized tonight and won their 100th win. Five years after climbing over the mountain, the Incheon Five finally ushered in the final chapter of…

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Two teams in LPL have locked up World Championship spots, while six have qualified for playoffs. There is a possibility for EDG to get a wild card spot.

The first two rounds of the LPL summer playoffs have already concluded, with two teams advancing to the third round, marking the impending intense stage of the playoffs. As the third round of the playoffs approaches, all remaining matches will be strong team confrontations, with popular top-tier teams participating in each game, making the audience…

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EDG formally sues Scout, did he want to leave since last year?

The most surprising transfer this year would undoubtedly be Scout leaving EDG for LNG. As a veteran player who had diligently served EDG for many years, he ultimately parted ways due to contract reasons. The relationship between the two sides had already deteriorated during the negotiation phase, leading EDG to file a complaint with the league earlier this year. Yesterday, even more explosive news broke out as EDG decided to take Scout to court directly!

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