EDG lost to tes in a five-game thriller, stopping at the sixth position. The double carry of inseong and irving clicked, but uzi and karthus were unable to turn the tide.

The 2023 LPL Summer Playoffs are currently underway, and after the first two rounds of competition, EDG surprised everyone by unexpectedly defeating both WE and OMG in a row, securing their spot in the Wild Card Qualifier. Today, they faced off their performance was more than enough to impress the audience. Most viewers and commentators expected TES to win in a landslide, but EDG showed off some serious resilience, making it a much tougher fight than expected. If it weren’t for the explosive carries of ADC Kevix and Mid Laner Rookie in the fifth game, the outcome of the series could have easily been reversed.

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EDG advances to the relegation match! OMG started high but gradually fell behind, finding it difficult to overcome their inner demons, while Uzi seemed to have regressed to his 18-year-old self.

Congratulations to EDG for defeating OMG and advancing to the playoffs. This season’s EDG has had a rough road, with the AD scandal forcing a substitution of Uzi, and a period of adjustment that saw the team fall out of the playoffs. However, as the games progressed, the EDG players became increasingly coordinated, and ultimately…

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